How We Gather

Are you a senior adult looking for a group of vibrant like minded people? Well, you have come to the right place. There is always something going on around the church and you will always find some of our senior adults in the middle of it all. Our seniors grow together spiritually, they travel together, they fellowship with one another, they serve our church and our community, and they share their wisdom with the younger generations of our congregation.

We are blessed to have many Sunday school classes here at FBC, with a wide range of senior adult classes. To find out more about Sunday school click the "Connect" tab then click "Sunday School" there you will find a list of all classes. 

David Pendley
Administrator/Traditional Worship Director

David Pendley is a familiar face to many, along with his duties as the church administrator and worship leader for the traditional service he leads many senior adult trips. To contact David about more senior adult information click on his picture to send him an email. 

Jim Fields
Associate Senior Adults Minister 

Jim Fields has been with FBC for many years serving in various roles. Jim leads Sunday school, he will fill in on Wednesday night's, and he leads a monthly gathering for Seniors called "Young at Heart" on the first Thursday of every month.